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Global Journey is a Full-Service Sales and Marketing Company specialising in International Travel Products. Our Experts work alongside Global Tour Operators and Tourism related businesses to help them grow their Volume in Indonesia using excellent strategies and precise monitoring. With Efficient and Effective Policies & Solutions from our team, we help our partners to achieve their bottomline goals and to embed awareness for their products in Indonesia.


Capital: Jakarta





Most Populated Country

On Earth

Indonesia outbound market is an exciting long-term prospect because of the rapidly growing population, especially for the young generation. The growing middle class has led to massive expansion of the market base.

There are many different market segments, such as:

  • Leisure
  • MICE
  • Pilgrimage  (Catholic & Christian)* Europe
  • Post Umroh* Europe & Dubai / UAE
  • FIT (Customised mini groups)
  • Government
  • Cruise
  • Tailor made (ad-hoc)

Git (series and tailor made) accounts for more than 40% of the total volume of outbound business to worldwide destinations. Outbound MICE can be unprectable as it depends upon the state of national economic conditions. Corporates will only decide to give overseas reward trips if local conditions are amenable.

FIT (customised mini groups) is a very high growth market, extremely profitable, mostly for moslem families, VIPs, and government staff. Government consisting of comparative study groups, technical visits, trade shows and inter-governmental events.

Cruise – pre and post plus shore excursions is a big opportunity too. Tailor made (ad-hoc) is a very large market segment with a turn over more than AUD 1.5 million/annum and equally spread among big, medium, and small agents. A very fast turn-around required for both pricing and hotels confirmation.

Australia is still holding a high rank in terms of sales volume from the whole market, with an approximate turn over of AUD 30 mio per annum. 90% of the business from Jakarta and the top agents control 60% of turn-over. Australia is very a large continent with many new possibilities. Global Journey can become one-stop shop for all of ATM Travel portfolio in the Indonesia market place.

We offer a variety of experienced professional sales staff to service the whole market efficiently. This option can also be extended to include full product and operational representation altogether in Jakarta location.

Our Services

Physical Office

“Presence is more than just being there” - Malcolm Forbes. It is vital to have a physical presence in Indonesia to prove that you are part of the travel community.mIndonesian agents need to have that local connection.

Destination Specialist

We, Global Journey as your destination specialist, can guide our Indonesian clients into a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with You. Global Journey intends to be the market leader introducing new product ideas and not just following the same old formula.

Sales Expert

We qualify every single quotation using our tremendous experience and market knowledge. We speak the same mother language as our clients, in the same time, in the same place. We help you with cost efficiency and effectiveness by having our expert team at your disposal.

Business Acquisition

We need to be empowered and authorised to take quick decisions on the spot in order to close the business. Our Global Journey team are trained and coached to negotiate with our customers to finalise a win-win solution.

Marketing Agency

We can guide you towards the most effective marketing strategy using our local expertise and resources. Helping you to get the best deal, set up and operate any marketing activities - exhibitions, road shows, table top and product seminars / training sessions.

Business Intelligence Agency

In today’s environment, competition is very cut-throat in Indonesia. We will keep you updated of current conditions, pricing, trends, etc by producing a well researched monthly report.